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6 tips for making hotel housekeeping easier
Date Published: 26‑02‑2020

No matter what time of year it is, people from all over come to the Land Down Under, as tourism has really kicked into high gear in recent years…. View Full Article »

Hospital cleaning is the first line of defense against hospital acquired infections. Hospital staff and janitorial services should work together to maintain a clean environment, reducing the number of… View Full Article »

Older adults are more susceptible to infections due to factors such as chronic conditions and weakened immune systems. That's why aged care facilities require high standards of hygiene and… View Full Article »

Proper care of cleaning equipment is essential to preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Every year, 165,000 HAIs occur at Australian hospitals, resulting in an extra 380,000 hospital bed days and millions… View Full Article »

  In many hospitals, floor cleanliness is taken for granted. If there aren’t any obvious signs of dirt, dust or bodily fluids, they must be free from pathogens, right? Recent studies… View Full Article »

Water in a mop bucket can quickly become dirty. Infrequent bucket changes can reduce the effectiveness of the mop and actually cause contaminants to spread. In healthcare and hospitality… View Full Article »

Blood and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous pathogens that increase the risk of infection. When blood spills occur in hospitals, it is highly important to act with speed… View Full Article »

Environmental cleaning is one of the most effective ways to maintain a safe and hygienic workplace in a healthcare setting. In hospitals and clinics, there is huge potential for… View Full Article »

Aged care cleaning: challenges and solutions
Date Published: 07‑12‑2019

Demand for Aged Care services in Australia continues to rise as a generation enters their golden years. While in-home assistance options are being expanded, live-in facilities can be expected… View Full Article »