HYGEN™ PUlSE™ Microfibre High-Capacity (7.5L) Caddy, White

SKU: FGQ966000000

The Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN™ PULSE™ High-Capacity Caddy allows users to easily clean up to 10,000 square feet, reducing the frequency of trips to the supply closet.

Executive Series™ HYGEN™ PUlSE™ Microfibre Mop Frame, Single Sided, Silver/Black

SKU: 1863884

HYGEN™ PULSE™ Microfibre Mop Frame cleans more square feet in less time. Industry-best Microfibre, onboard reservoir, and use-controlled release of solution mean cleaner floors faster, easier, and more effectively.

HYGEN™ PUlSE™ Microfibre Mop Kit, Single Sided, Yellow

SKU: 1835528

HYGEN™ PULSE Spray Mop provides Healthcare facilities with an ergonomic, bucket-less mopping system to help cover more square feet in less time than traditional systems.