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Easy to Operate and Maintain. Slim Jim Step-On containers are designed and engineered with ease-of-use in mind. Features like liner cinches, liner retainer bands and dual stream options make these containers intuitive to use while reducing time and effort needed to manage refuse.

  • Slim profile and small footprint maximize space to fit in tightest spaces
  • Internal hinge design prevents wall damage
  • Quiet and controlled lid-closure minimizes noise to enhance guest and patient satisfaction
  • Factory mutual certified ensures fire safety for regulatory compliance
  • Meets OSHA and OBRA standards for worker and environmental safety
  • Increased foot pedal clearance for easier access and operation
  • Liner cinch easily and securely holds polyliners
  • Smooth surfaces and contoured edges are easy to clean
  • Optional dual stream rigid liner simplifies sorting, making recycling quick and easy

Additional information

  • Product specifications
  • R1883458 (BEIGE)
    R1883557 (WHITE)
    R1883566 (RED)
    R1883575 (YELLOW)
    R1883584 (GREEN)
    R1883593 (BLUE)
    R1883602 (GRAY)
    R1883611 (BLACK)
  • 456.438 mm
  • 291.592 mm
  • 718.82 mm
  • --
  • 50 Litres (13 Gallons)
  • 0.095670391 m3
  • --
  • 461.9625 mm
  • 309.5625 mm
  • 766.7625 mm
  • 0.109651842 m3
  • 4.968181818 kg
  • 1
  • 7

Available Colours