Waste Management

Your staff works diligently to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers stylish decorative refuse containers for the more visible areas, sleek utility refuse products that provide improved productivity, plus developed basket, cube, and tilt trucks that roll smoother and quieter than ever before to bring the professional look and feel from the front to the back of house in every property.
Property Management - Waste Management
  • Basket and Cube Trucks
    In your world, image makes all the difference. Sophisticated, versatile equipment you can rely on for efficient performance without compromising image is essential. Our collapsible basket and cube trucks are thoughtfully designed to operate easily, quietly, and discreetly.


    • Waste and Material Handling - Basket and Cube Trucks
    • Easy-to-manoeuvre systems that efficiently transport large, bulky loads.
    • Collapsible and compact footprint of our foldable x-carts is great for tight spaces.
    • Durable, long-lasting, materials with smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. Discreet colour disguises stains and dirt.
    • Lids are available to help conceal contents while the user transports items throughout a property.
    Number Colour Description
    1881749 1881749 1881749 Black Executive 150L Foldable Basket X-Cart
    1881750 1881750 1881750 Black Executive 300L Foldable Basket X-Cart
    1881781 1881781 1881781 Black Executive 300L Foldable Multistream X-Cart (Two 150L Bags)
    1881782 1881782 1881782 Black Executive 150L Foldable Basket X-Cart Bag
    1881783 1881783 1881783 Black Executive 300L Foldable Basket X-Cart Bag
    1889863 1889863 1889863 Black Executive X-Cart Cover - for 150L
    1889864 1889864 1889864 Black Executive X-Cart Cover - for 300L