Drivers & Trends

As the economy begins to grow, there’s no better time to identify what emerging trends can be integrated into your facility. In this section, Rubbermaid Commercial Products has compiled important drivers and trends aimed at transforming your property into a world-class location.
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    Increase Productivity

    IBISWorld reported that access to multi-skilled and well-trained staff is vital to ensure high levels of guest service satisfaction. In addition, they reported that the ability to adapt new technology is a key success factor. The primary motive for creating Executive Series was to empower support staff to work smarter by completing tasks more efficiently. With thousands of innovative cleaning solutions including customisable carts in a variety of sizes, powerful vacuums with quiet motors, and a hard floor care system requiring no mop bucket, this is the new technology your facility needs. This innovative solution enhances productivity by helping staff accomplish more with less tools.
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    Sustainable Products

    In the world of property management, a growing number of building service contractors (BSC) are embracing sustainable initiatives. In fact, a recent study showed 64% of BSCs felt that it is important to buy from manufacturers and distributors who support sustainable improvements. Further, 77% of BSCs are buying and/or using sustainable cleaning products (those products which are green in their manufacturing, use, and disposal). Rubbermaid Commercial Products has launched the Executive Series line with the same green-minded philosophy as previous product lines.
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    Compact Equipment

    At the 2012 BOMA conference, the trend toward smaller work areas and industrial space was a hot topic. The trend in corporate workplaces today is to have fewer and smaller individual workspaces and a greater portion of the space dedicated to interactive uses in an array of functions and sizes. This shift can be attributed to teams needing intense interaction, with space needed to optimise collaboration ranging from large formal meetings to chance interactions. With this movement in place, the compact and customisable cleaning solutions of Executives Series will allow cleaning crews to achieve the same, efficient results in less time and with less equipment.