Waste & Material Handling

Your staff works diligently to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers stylish decotive refuse containers for the more visable areas, sleek utlity refuse products that provide improved productivity, plus developed basket, cube, and tilt trucks that roll smoother and quieter than ever before to bring the professional look and feel from the front to the back of house in every property. Quiet Castors: See the difference
Hospitality - Waste and Material Handling
  • Decorative Waste
    Exceptional durability and customization options combine to provide upscale, cost-effective waste solutions for your facility. Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ Decorative Refuse containers are built for looks and long-lasting performance, from small offices to lobbies.

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    • Waste and Material Handling - Decorative Waste
    • Eclipse refuse containers are designed with an open top for hands-free, drop-in convenience in high-traffic areas.
    • Half-round containers’ lift-off body facilitates easy emptying of leak-proof rigid plastic liners, making cleaning more efficient.
    • Hide-a-bag wastebasket’s outter shell lifts off for easy bag removal, while neatly concealing bags.


    Number Colour Description
    R2030 R2030 R2030 Black Open Top
    R2030E R2030E R2030E Black Open Top

    Half Rounds Flat Top

    Number Colour Description

    Half Rounds Open Top

    Number Colour Description
    SO12 SO12 SO12 Black HALF ROUND OPEN TOP 45L/12G


    Number Colour Description
    WHB14 WHB14 WHB14 Black Open Top Wastebasket
    WHB14E WHB14E WHB14E Black Open Top Wastebasket
  • Utility Refuse
    Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ innovative container venting channels and mobile dollies provide superior ergonomics and manoeuvrability to reduce costs and improve worker productivity, while are designed to be easy to lift and transport.

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    • Waste and Material Handling - Utility Refuse
    • BRUTE® round containers’ all-plastic, professional-grade construction will not rust, chip, or peel and resists dents.
    • BRUTE® dolly features five rugged quiet castors for stability and increased mobility.
    • BRUTE® caddy bags are great.
    • SLIM JIM® container’s and lid’s durable construction and space-saving profile fits virtually anywhere.

    Executive Series BRUTE® Accessories

    Number Colour Description
    1867533 1867533 1867533 Black Executive BRUTE® Caddy Bag

    Executive Series BRUTE® Dollies

    Number Colour Description
    1867534 1867534 1867534 Black Executive BRUTE® Dolly with Quiet Castors

    Executive Series BRUTE® Round Containers

    Number Colour Description
    1867531 1867531 1867531 Black Executive 32-Gal. BRUTE® Container
    1867532 1867532 1867532 Black Executive 32-Gal. BRUTE® Container Lid

    Metallic Series Sand Urn

    Number Colour Description
    1000E 1000E 1000E Black METALLIC SAND URN BLACK

    Slim Jim® Accessories

    Number Colour Description
    2674 2674 2674 Black Slim Jim® Hinge Lid for Slim Jim® Containers

    Slim Jim® Containers

    Number Colour Description
    2673 2673 2673 Black Slim Jim® Untouchable® Swing Top for 3540, 3541 and 3554 Containers

    Slim Jim® with Venting Channels

    Number Colour Description
    3540-60 3540-60 3540-60 Black Slim Jim® with Venting Channels
    1835671 1835671 1835671 Black Slim Jim® with Venting Channels
    1956188 1956188 1956188 Black Slim Jim® with Venting Channels
    1835530 1835530 1835530 Black Slim Jim® with Venting Channels
    1956189 1956189 1956189 Black Slim Jim® with Venting Channels
    1956181 1956181 1956181 Black Slim Jim® with Venting Channels
  • Basket and Cube Trucks
    In your world, image makes all the difference. Sophisticated, versatile equipment you can rely on for efficient performance without compromising image is essential. Our colaspable basket and cube trucks are thoughtfully designed to operate easily, quietly, and discreetly.

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    • Waste and Material Handling - Basket and Cube Trucks
    • Easy-to-manoeuvre systems that efficiently transport large, bulky loads.
    • Collapsible and compact footprint of our foldable x-carts is great for tight spaces.
    • Durable, long-lasting, materials with smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. Discreet colour disguises stains and dirt.
    • Lids are available to help conceal contents while the user transports items throughout a property.

    Basket Trucks

    Number Colour Description
    1881749 1881749 1881749 Black Collapsible X-Cart (4 Bushel)
    1881782 1881782 1881782 Black Collapsible X-Cart Replacement Bag (4 Bushel)
    1881781 1881781 1881781 Black Collapsible X-Cart (2 - 4 Bushel)
    1881783 1881783 1881783 Black Collapsible X-Cart Replacement Bag (8 Bushel)
    1881750 1881750 1881750 Black Collapsible X-Cart (8 Bushel)

    Executive Series Cube Trucks

    Number Colour Description
    1867537 1867537 1867537 Black Executive Cube Truck 16 CU feet w/ quiet castors
    1867538 1867538 1867538 Black Executive Cube Truck 12 CU feet w/ quiet castors

    Lids for Cube Trucks and Heavy-Duty Utility Trucks

    Number Colour Description
    4615 4615 4615 Black Lid for 4614 and 4616 Cube Trucks and 4716 Heavy-Duty Utility Truck
    4613 4613 4613 Black Lid for 4612 Cube Truck and 4712 Heavy-Duty Utility Truck
  • Tilt Trucks
    Empower your workforce with our durable, tilt trucks that are versatile enough to safely perform a variety of tough jobs, yet strong enough to take on heavy loads. Quiet castors and wheels, plus an attractive colour scheme mean these trucks work well for front-of-house needs, too.

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    • Waste and Material Handling - Tilt Trucks
    • Durable, heavy-duty construction with high weight load capacities enhances productivity.
    • Ideal ergonomic push height and comfort-grip handles enhance control and manoeuvrability.
    • Seamless body design allows for easy cleaning and promotes a more discreet appearance in public areas.
    • Lids allow for concealed waste and reduced odors.

    Executive Series Structural Foam Tilt Trucks

    Number Colour Description
    1867539 1867539 1867539 Black Executive Tilt Truck 3/4 cubic yard -SF w/ quiet castors
    1871898 1871898 1871898 Black Executive Tilt Truck 1 Cubic Yard -SF w/ quiet castors
    1867540 1867540 1867540 Black Executive Tilt Truck 1/2 cubic yard-SF w/ quiet castors

    Mega BRUTE® Mobile Collector

    Number Colour Description
    9W73 9W73 9W73 Black Mega BRUTE® Mobile Waste Collector - 1 Pack
    9W72 9W72 9W72 Black Mega BRUTE® Lid

    Tilt Truck Lids

    Number Colour Description
    1028 1028 1028 Black Domed Lid for 1011, 1013
    9T23 9T23 9T23 Black Lid for 9T15 and 9T16 Tilt Trucks
    9T22 9T22 9T22 Black Lid for 9T13 and 9T14 Tilt Trucks