Public Restrooms


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While occupying the least amount of hotel real estate, restrooms require 24/7 maintenance. At times, this means cleaning whether occupied or not. When the health, safety, and discretion of guests is priority, the compact cleaning advancements of Executive Series offer fast cleaning results guests will appreciate.

  • Carts
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    Our Executive Series Cleaning Cart lines help your staff perfect the art of discreet cleaning restroom cleaning with:

    • Reduce noise with quiet castors and wheels
    • Conceal supplies with covers, doors, and hoods
    • Blend into the environment with an elegant colour scheme

    Our High Capacity Janitorial Cleaning Carts are great to help store more supplies reducing restocking trips. Caddies come standard on these carts to make quick cleaning of small spaces.

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  • Surface Cleaning
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    Rely on Executive Series Microfiber cleaning tools for high performance surface cleaning and effective removal of bacteria, dirt, and allergens.

    • Effectively remove 99.9% of microbes from surfaces with microfiber dusters and cloths
    • Help prevent injury to staff with tools engineered to improve reach
    • Blend into the environment with an attractive colour scheme

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  • Hard Floor Care
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    The health and safety of your guests and employees are a priority. That’s why 24/7 maintenance of restrooms is a necessity. Rely on Executive Series’ innovative mopping systems to help maintain spotless floors and empower your staff to:

    • Reduce chemical and water consumption while cleaning more square feet of floor space in less time.
    • Transport tools easily, thanks to compact, lightweight construction and quiet castors.
    • Disguise dirt and grime while cleaning with a discreet colour scheme.

    WaveBrake® Mopping System is outfitted with quiet castors to avoid disturbing guests and an innovative dirty water bucket to keep soiled water out of sight from passersby.

    By reducing splashing with the revolutionary shape of the molded-in wave breaks, WaveBrake® results in safer, easier, and more efficient mopping.
    The dirty water bucket helps produce cleaner, less slippery floors and reduces water and chemical usage, keeping the dirty water from the clean water.

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  • Safety
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    When a public restroom in your facility is temporarily closed for cleaning, discreetly reroute guests with a handsome Executive Series Safety Sign that harmonises with the environment and transports easily.

    Safety Signs help make cleaning and waste management more efficient and safer in high-profile areas.

    For a more upscale appearance, choose the sign with an elegant dark hardwood frame and silver or gold message plate.

    Multilingual warning messages in English, French, and Spanish provide effective communication to a broad audience.

    Foldable signs with integrated carry handles provide easy transport and storage on cleaning carts and in closets.

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  • Waste & Material Handling
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    Discreetly collect waste in public restrooms using our Executive Series Waste and Material Handling solutions.You’ll appreciate their long-lasting looks and performance. Each product features:

    • Subtle colours with classic, upscale styling.
    • Heavy-duty design to withstand daily use.
    • Concealed compartments and areas for a safer, more professional appearance.

    Our half-round containers’ lift-off body facilitates easy emptying of leak-proof rigid plastic liners, making cleaning more efficient. Excellent for use in restrooms.

    Open-top containers are ideal for hands-free, drop-in convenience.

    Our Hide-a-Bag wastebasket’s 2-piece basket lifts off for easy bag removal, while neatly concealing bags.

    Our contemporary Eclipse refuse container is crowned with an arc to prevent patrons from stacking trash on top.

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