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Behind closed doors, your facility is run by an internal system supported with hard work and muscle. This stealth team needs smart, durable equipment that can keep up with an intense pace but lend a professional look. The steadfast Executive Series is built to empower your workforce so they can proudly maintain your property without breaking a sweat.

  • Carts
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    Our Executive Series Cleaning Carts empower your staff to discreetly and effectively maintain and clean your facility both front and back of house. Durably constructed and thoughtfully designed to:

    • Reduce noise with quiet castors and wheels.
    • Conceal supplies with covers, doors, bins, and hoods.
    • Blend into the environment with a subtle colour scheme.

    High-Security Cleaning Carts offer superior versatility and security. Discreet colours, quiet operation, and the ability to keep supplies fully covered and locked help reduce inventory loss while maintaining a professional appearance.

    High-Capacity Cleaning Carts are constructed for maximum versatility and productivity. Discreet colours, durable construction, quiet operation, and 40% more storage space than traditional carts make it easy for staff to clean unobtrusively and efficiently.

    Specifically constructed for superior performance and long-lasting appearance, our Traditional Cleaning Carts make it easy for staff to clean quietly and discreetly throughout your facility, day or night.

    Ideal for heavy-duty tasks, our 2-Shelf Utility Cart is constructed with quiet castors and a deep-pocketed top shelf that let you transport hefty loads with ease. You can fully customise the cart with hooks, notches, and pipe/rod holes to hold supplies.

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  • Surface Cleaning
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    When it comes to fast, efficient, high-performance surface cleaning, rely on our superior Executive Series Microfiber cleaning tools, specifically designed to:

    • Effectively remove dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens from surfaces.
    • Help prevent injury to staff with tools engineered to improve reach.
    • Blend into the environment with a subtle colour scheme.

    Microfiber Dusters and Cloths are ideal for both wet cleaning and dry dusting of all types of surfaces throughout your facility, including corners and crevices, floor to ceiling.

    Combine the swift cleaning efficiency of microfiber cloths with the smart design of Executive Series cleaning tools to keep your property looking its best, 24/7.

    Germ-removing microfiber is proven to remove 99.9% of microbes to provide a safer, cleaner environment for guests, visitors, and employees.

    Glass cloths and covers are ideal for streak- and lint-free cleaning of glass, mirrors, chrome, and more.

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  • Carpet Care
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    Extend the life of flooring, while removing dust and allergens quickly and quietly with our complete line of vacuums and mechanical sweepers engineered to:

    • Improve air quality with advanced filtration
    • Operate quietly to allow staff to work discreetly
    • Blend into the environment with an attractive colour scheme

    Our Backpack Vacuums are perfect for hard floors and hard-to-reach areas.

    Our Uprights are great for getting a deep clean for carpeted areas.

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  • Hard Floor Care
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    Keeping a variety of floor surfaces sparkling clean throughout your facility doesn’t have to be a challenge. Executive Series Hard Floor Care solutions, from brooms to mops, offer the ultimate in cleaning versatility and efficiency.

    Surface texture and types of dirt vary throughout a facility, so choosing the correct broom and brush construction is essential for maximum cleaning effectiveness. Our fine floor sweeps are designed to pick up the finest debris and are ideal for polished or waxed floors. Medium floor sweeps round up heavier dirt from multiple floor surfaces. Heavy-duty floor sweeps feature stiffer polypropylene bristles for use in the most demanding applications and surfaces.

    Staff can clean up messes discreetly using our black WaveBrake® Down-Press Mopping System with quiet castors and unique split-bucket design that keeps dirty water hidden and away from the clean water needed to maintain floors.

    Executive Series Microfiber Damp Mops are the perfect choice to help improve staff efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They’re designed with superior microfiber textiles, proven to remove 99.9% of microorganisms. They also reduce water and chemical consumption.

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  • Safety
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    Safety of guests, visitors, and employees is always a priority in property operations. Communicate trouble areas to passersby easily and elegantly with Executive Series Safety Signs.

    Safety Signs help make cleaning and waste management more efficient and safer in high-traffic areas and dining rooms.

    For a more upscale appearance in your dining area, choose the sign with an elegant dark hardwood frame and silver or gold message plate.

    Multilingual warning messages in English, French, and Spanish provide effective communication to a broad audience.

    Foldable signs with integrated carry handles provide easy transport and storage on cleaning carts and in closets.

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  • Waste & Material Handling
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    Executive Series Waste and Material Handling solutions support clean, healthy commercial environments and professional facilities. Each premium product features:

    • Discreet colours with classic, upscale styling.
    • Heavy-duty design to withstand daily use with smart, space-saving tools.
    • Concealed compartments and areas for a safer, more professional appearance.

    Stainless steel Eclipse refuse container with leak-proof plastic liners and heavy-gauge construction is an excellent choice for frequently used areas.

    Behind the scenes, BRUTE® Round Container’s all-plastic, professional-grade construction withstands heavy use, will not rust, chip, or peel, and resists dents.

    Innovative venting channels in the BRUTE 44-gallon Utility Container dramatically reduce the force required to remove a filled can liner, improving staff productivity and safety.

    SLIM JIM® container’s and lid’s durable construction and space-saving profile fit virtually anywhere, making them ideal for smaller kitchens and compact spaces.

    The superior strength and durability of the Tilt Truck make it easy

    for one person to manage heavy load steering and dumping.

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