Guest Reception & Lobby


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In your world, first impressions are made in seconds...

Your lobby is your opportunity to welcome guests warmly, encourage them to linger, and anticipate their return. The stylish Executive Series is specifically designed to blend into this pivotal environment with quiet sophistication – ensuring a grand impression with every visit.

  • Carts
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    Our Executive Series Cleaning Cart lines help your staff perfect the art of discreet cleaning in a lobby and reception areas with:

    • Reduce noise with quiet castors and wheels
    • Conceal supplies with covers, doors, and hoods
    • Blend into the environment with an elegant colour scheme

    Our High Capacity Janitorial Cleaning Carts are great to help store numerous supplies reducing restocking trips.
    Our High Security versions to help secure supplies for carts that are continuously near guests.

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  • Surface Cleaning
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    Remove dust and allergens in style with our Executive Series full range of high end microfibre cleaning tools engineered to:

    • Effectively remove dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens from surfaces with microfibre dusters and cloths
    • Help prevent injury to staff with tools engineered to improve reach
    • Blend into the environment with an attractive colour scheme

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  • Carpet Care
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    Extend the life of flooring, while removing dust and allergens quickly and quietly with our complete line of vacuums and mechanical sweepers engineered to:

    • Improve air quality with advanced filtration (HEPA Available)
    • Operate quietly to allow staff to work discreetly
    • Blend into the environment with an attractive colour scheme

    Our Backpack Vacuums are perfect for hard floors and hard-to-reach areas.
    Our Uprights are great for getting a deep clean for carpeted areas.

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  • Hard Floor Care
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    Executive Series Hard Floor Care solutions are engineered to keep lobby and entryway floors sparkling clean while maintaining a safe, clean environment around the clock for guests and patrons. Their smart, stylish design empowers staff to:

    • Reduce chemical and water consumption while cleaning more square feet of floor space in less time.
    • Transport tools easily, thanks to compact, lightweight construction and quiet castors.
    • Disguise dirt and grime while cleaning with a discreet colour scheme.

    Lobby Pro® Upright Dust Pans have stylish, all-plastic construction and durable rear wheels for easy use in lobbies and reception areas.
    PULSE® Microfibre Single-Sided Flat Mop lets you leave the bucket behind! It’s designed to let you easily switch from dust to wet mopping with an onboard fluid reservoir that holds enough cleaning solution for 850 sq. ft.
    Lobby Brooms feature stiff synthetic bristles that assist in sweeping hard-to-move dirt and debris, while ideal for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures, and hard-to-reach areas.
    Angle Brooms are cut and shaped for sweeping against and around baseboards and furniture with widths up to 10.5”.

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  • Safety
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    First impressions are made in seconds. That’s why lobbies and entryways must be impeccably maintained around the clock for guests and visitors. To uphold your sophisticated appearance and ambience, use Executive Series Safety Signs to alert guests to areas of caution while cleaning.

    Safety Signs help make cleaning and waste management more efficient and safer in high-profile areas.

    For an upscale appearance, choose the sign with an elegant dark hardwood frame and silver or gold message plate.

    Multilingual warning messages in English, French, and Spanish provide effective communication to a broad audience.

    Integrated carry handles and foldability provide easy transport and storage on cleaning carts and in closets.

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  • Waste & Material Handling
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    Discreetly collect waste in high-profile areas employing our upscale Executive Series Waste and Material Handling solutions. You’ll appreciate their long-lasting looks and performance. Each product features:

    • Subtle colours with classic, upscale styling.
    • Heavy-duty design to withstand daily use.
    • Concealed compartments and areas for a safer, more professional appearance.

    Our contemporary Eclipse refuse container is crowned with an arc to prevent patrons from stacking trash on top.
    Open-top containers are ideal for hands-free, drop-in convenience in high-traffic areas like lobbies and entryways.
    Our half-round container’s lift-off body facilitates easy emptying of leak-proof rigid plastic liners, making cleaning more efficient.

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