Whether your organisation works in healthcare, retail, or food service industries, keeping your space clean is absolutely essential.

Therefore, the choice you make in cleaning products is no small one. There are benefits and drawbacks to every type of cleaning agent, and you must evaluate what is right for your organisation.

As with any other organisational decision, it’s important to gather all of the information possible and consider all of your options before selecting the product or products that your team will rely upon to get their job done quickly and effectively.

Does your organisation have a system in place to make decisions regarding the cleaning products and tools in order to help your employees do the job well, efficiently, and with the least negative impact on the users as well as the environment?

If not, Rubbermaid® is here to help.

In our exclusive whitepaper, Comparing Cleaning Product Tradeoffs, we help you optimise your cleaning process using The Four Factors of Cleanliness:

You’ll be walked through the details and considerations of: efficacy, occupational health and safety, productivity, and sustainability. These four factors will help you prioritise your needs in order to help you focus on the best products that are suited to the needs of your organisation.

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We’ll also help you establish your cleaning goals in order to establish what you need from your cleaning products. Not only will this help your organisation examine your cleaning protocol and identify what your top needs are, but it will also outline the challenges that come with each factor and how to overcome them.

Like any other decision your organisation makes, the choice of cleaning products is one that will affect your bottom line as well as the health, safety, and satisfaction of your employees, so your decisions shouldn’t be made lightly.

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While you may not be an expert in the benefits and drawbacks of various cleaning products, Rubbermaid has made it easy to apply subjectivity and guidelines to these decisions.

Remember, these cleaning products will be used day in and day out, so it’s important to make informed decisions about the materials your employees will come in contact with.

Download Comparing Cleaning Product Tradeoffs today to help your organisation examine its cleaning priorities, consider the benefits and drawbacks of various materials and methods, and ultimately make the best decision for your institution.

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